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Styling the Oversized Tee Shirt

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Styling the Oversized Tee Shirt  - Femme Connection

Oversized tees are all the rage this season – and for a good reason. They are an edgy addition to any outfit and are extremely flattering. They are a great transitional piece for any season and can be worn dressed up with tailored pants and heels, or casually with jeans and sneakers.

Here’s your all-encompassing guide to selecting and styling the perfect oversized tee shirt!


When looking for an oversized tee, pick a style that usually suits you best. Whether that is V neck, scoop neck, longer sleeves or short sleeves, you want to ensure it suits and flatters your body.

Next, sizing. Some tees are already manufactured to be oversized. This is usually noted in the item description by “loose fit” or “oversized fit”. It is usually safe to purchase your usual size in these tees. One such item is our Leopard Dip Hem Top.

Styling the Oversized Tee Shirt - Leopard Dip Hem Top - Femme Connection

Otherwise, your best bet is to buy at least one size up from your usual size, even up to two or three, depending on how oversized you want it to be. We would recommend this for two of our favourite tees that we love to wear oversized; Our Leopard Short Sleeves Top, and our Linen Shirt.

Styling the Oversized Tee Shirt  - Leopard Short Sleeves Top - Femme Connection

Styling the Oversized Tee Shirt  - Linen - Femme Connection

Oversized tees come in a variety of styles. You can purchase a plain shirt in a neutral colour, a distressed piece for a grungy vibe, or pick a graphic tee to keep things interesting! The best thing about oversized tees is that you can never have too many because they are so easy and comfortable, not to mention affordable.

Ways to Style

You can style an oversized tee in a variety of different ways. Here are two ways to rock your favourite Femme Collection tee.

Dress it up

To dress up an oversized tee, simply wear it as a dress! A long tee can definitely be worn as a dress – just be sure to purchase your tee in two sizes up or more. Pair with some high boots and a cinching belt, to ensure the outfit isn’t shapeless and accentuates your waist. With heels, sneakers, boots, or loafers, an oversized tee can become the perfect dress for any occasion with the right accessories!

Some Femme Collection tees that can be worn as dresses include our Printed Top.

Styling the Oversized Tee Shirt  - Printed Top - Femme Connection 

Casually Chic

If you enjoy chic, fitted silhouettes, you too can pull of an oversized tee. By starting with a neutral base tee in whatever colour you love, pair a fitted blazer over the top with fitted pants for the bottom. They can be either cropped or full length. Pull the look together with a pair of flats, a structured bag, and jewellery. The structure of the other elements will balance out the loose tee, resulting in a stylish and sophisticated look.