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Your Ultimate Guide For Spring Racing Carnival Dressing

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Femme frocks and fascinators, Spring Racing Carnival it’s on its way! That means you get to buy a new dress guilt-free! To help you through the carnival, we can put together a comprehensive guide of what to wear to each day and any faux pas to be aware of.

The Dress Code
Dressing for the races is a bit different than dressing for a regular cocktail event. The Spring Racing Carnival is a long-standing event with long-standing tradition which is why so many people get confused to what is actually appropriate to wear.

Traditionally, you wouldn’t find dresses above the knee or strapless dresses but this rule has been relaxed. If you are going to a Members area, we suggest checking to see if there are any strict dress codes.

Some things that are a definite no: denim, untailored pants, rips in clothing, tracksuit tops, sneakers, thongs or casual shoes.

The Weather
Even though it’s Spring, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye out for the weather. If you’re heading to the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, the weather can be a little bit unpredictable. Consider bringing a light bolero or a silk scarf you can wrap around your shoulders if it gets cold.

To wear a fascinator or not?
Traditionally women have worn a fascinator to the right side for every event at the Spring Racing Carnival. In recent years, this tradition has been relaxed. If you don’t want to go too extravagant, you can opt for a smaller fascinator, a clip or a nice headband.

The Shoes
While we are all for towering stilettos, it’s worth keeping in mind that you might be spending a lot of your time walking on grass. Thick heels and wedges will stop you sinking in the grass and maybe a little bit comfier.

Derby Day
Derby day always kicks off the Melbourne Cup Carnival in style. Derby day features a black and white dress code that is widely adhered to, so trust us when we say, keep it monochrome! Consider adding texture and prints to add interest to your black and white ensemble. 

Melbourne Cup
The biggest day in the Spring Racing Carnival that is just as much about fashion on the field as it is about the races. You can expect bright colours and stand our pieces. This is your time to go bold and show off your style.

Oaks Day
Better known as Ladies Day, Oaks Day is your chance to dress feminine and embrace soft, sweet shades. If you’re not sure where to start we suggest something in a delicate fabric like silk, satin, chiffon lace or anything with a floral print.

Emirates Day
Emirates Day is traditionally known as family day. With plenty of youngers around it’s usually the least formal day in the Spring Racing Carnival calendar. Emirates day is your chance to have fun, now that all the high fashion events like Oaks Day and Melbourne cup are over, you can enjoy a shorter hemline, flowy dresses and relax a little!

What are you wearing to the Races this year?