Engagement Party Dresses: Your Style Guide for Every Venue

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Engagement Party Dresses: Your Style Guide for Every Venue

Engagement parties are not only the beginning to a beautiful love story, but are also fun occasions that offer you the chance to dress up! The big question remains - what to wear to these fabulous events? Whether it's a backyard bash or a swanky soirée, ideally you’ll rock a dress that matches the vibe. The good news is Femme Connection has a ton of fantastic options to choose from!

First, let’s run through the do’s and don’ts of engagement party dressing.

The Rules of Engagement (party dressing)

  1. DO read the invite. If it’s a casual picnic in the park, wearing that glam sequin number might leave you feeling out of place. Save yourself the headache and check the invitation.
  2. DO dress tastefully. The party will likely involve extended family on both sides, so you might feel uncomfortable if you dress in something super revealing. (In saying that, you do you!)
  3. DON’T wear white. It’s not the actual wedding, but if you show up to the engagement party in a flowing white gown, you might get confused for the bride. Why not hold off on white and opt for the many other colours and prints available?
  4. DO factor in the weather, especially if the event is outdoors. There’s nothing worse than freezing your toes off at an event. So for cold weather, consider a long sleeve dress, or bring an outer layer to wrap yourself up in. For a warm, sunny day, consider making a sunhat part of your outfit.

Now that we’ve covered the rules, let’s take a look at some of the different types of venues engagement parties commonly occur in, and what kind of outfit you should choose for each.

Function Centre - The Fancy Spot

So, you're headed to a fancy function centre. Think of it as an excuse to glam up a little. Pick a classy cocktail dress—maybe one in a jewel tone, or that little black number. Heels and some carefully chosen snazzy bling will complete the look. Don't forget the sleek updo and a pair of statement earrings. You'll be turning heads! Femme Connection has a wide range of glamorous evening dresses that will suit a formal gathering like this.

Cocktail Bar - Trendy and Fun

Cocktail bars are all about the vibe. Go for a stylish cocktail dress with sequins or a pop of colour. Also consider off-the-shoulder or cold shoulder dresses. Pair your dress with high heels and a clutch that screams chic. Your makeup and hair should be sophisticated, but with a dash of pizzazz. You're ready to sip cocktails and dance the night away after all! Check out Femme Connection's sequin and cocktail dresses for that extra touch of flair.

Local Pub - Keepin' It Casual

Down at the local pub, things are more laid back. A cute sundress or floral maxi dress will do the trick. Comfy yet stylish shoes are a must. Keep your makeup and hair natural and relaxed. It's all about enjoying yourself! Femme Connection's range of casual yet fashionable engagement party dresses will suit this setting perfectly.

House Party - Where Comfort Meets Chic

House parties can go either way. For a relaxed shindig, think casual chic—a flowy maxi dress or a belted short dress will fit in well. Keep your hair and makeup effortless and natural. It's all about feeling at ease while looking fabulous. Check out Femme Connection's maxi, midi and short dresses for a relaxed yet chic vibe.

BBQ - Kick Back and Relax

Barbecues are about comfort. Opt for a lightweight sundress, wrap dress, or belted short dress. Wearing comfy sandals, and minimal makeup is the way to go. Think of it as a 'no-fuss' style, perfect for chowing down on burgers and enjoying the day. Femme Connection's sun dresses are a great choice for this laid-back style of occasion.

Local Park - Embrace the Outdoors

Party in the park, eh? You've got to factor in the weather and time of day. For a daytime event, go for a breezy summer short dress or a boho maxi dress with a wide-brimmed hat and comfy wedges. If it's an evening affair, rock a long-sleeved dress and closed-toe shoes. 

Engagement Party Dress Choices

There’s no shortage of engagement party dresses in Femme Connection’s collection. Here are some styles you’ll encounter. 

Dresses with a unique skirt: Whether it’s pleats that add a bit of structure to your dress’s skirt, lightweight floaty skirts that add a feminine and ethereal vibe, flared skirts that expand out as you spin around on the dance floor, high-low hems that show a bit of leg, or tiered skirts that look a little like doll’s dresses, having some unique element in your skirt can really draw interest.

Halter neck dresses: If you want to show off those gorgeous shoulders, opt for a halter neck dress. This style can be super flattering and allows for plenty of air flow. (Consider also off-the-shoulder and cold shoulder dresses.)

Wrap dresses: Wrap style dresses flatter most body types and really shows off your curves!

Floral dresses: Florals work wonderfully at engagement parties. For day dresses, you usually have the choice of small, dainty flowers, or bold exotic flowers in the print. For evening dresses, you might find floral lacework or embroidery more intriguing.

Glitzy dresses: This includes sequin dresses, or dresses with glitter detail in the fabric. These types of dresses are perfect for evening events at a venue, and will have you looking instantly glamorous.

Engagement Party Dressing Pro Tips

Don't forget to follow these pro tips before you venture out to the engagement party event:

  • Make sure your dress lets you move freely and feels like a dream.
  • Your accessories and footwear should be besties with your dress. Make sure they don’t clash, and that they are suitable for the event.
  • Don’t forget to take a clutch to carry your essentials.
  • Forget the rules and rock your personal style! There should be a heavy sprinkle of 'you' in your outfit.

Remember, it's all about feeling confident and soaking up the love in the air. No matter where the party's at, let your dress match the spirit of the event. Don't forget to think about the venue, weather, and time of day when you're getting ready. And if there's a dress code mentioned in the invitation, heed it. 

With the right dress and styling from Femme Connection, you'll be all set to make beautiful memories on this special day!

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