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Blanket Hoodie

There’s nothing quite like a blanket hoodie. It’s the perfect item for when you’re lounging at home, on a camping holiday, or a movie night - and you don’t want to fully commit to a blanket.

Unlike a blanket, that can be heavy, and fall off when you walk around, a blanket hoodie is nice and lightweight, and importantly, attached to you! You can get tasks done wearing a blanket hoodie, yet feel a bit like you’re on holiday!

Femme Connection has a range of blanket hoodies in block colours and in prints. Our blanket hoodies are made in a fabric that’s both lightweight and warm, so you won’t feel weighed down, but you’ll certainly feel cosy.

Blanket hoodies are the perfect item when you’re binge watching that latest tv show, or sitting at your laptop getting your assignment finished. Wear it over your pyjama set, and like everyone else in Australia who understands the joys of the blanket hoodie, you’ll be warm, cosy and comfortable.

With the popularity of blanket hoodies in both womens and mens stores, they are seen in an increasing number of settings in Australia. (Yes, you can wear them out of the house!) It’s no longer unusual to see blanket hoodies worn to sports games, libraries and cafes.

Expecting a bub? The blanket hoodie is the perfect comfort item for when you’re preparing for a baby's arrival and nesting at home. When your little one arrives, a blanket hoodie will keep your neck and shoulders warm while you nurse or rock them to sleep.

Our blanket hoodies come in sizes 8-18 (S -XXL). They are designed to fit anyone and everyone! Needing blanket hoodies for the men in your life? Perhaps your little ones are asking for them? As long as you have shoulders to hang a blanket hoodie on, then anyone can wear one!

With our Wear Now, Pay Later options through ZipPay and Afterpay, and free Australia-wide shipping on orders over $60, you can get your oversized hoodie blankets online in Australia today!

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