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Floral Maxi Dress

Think green meadows, buttercups and buzzing bees! Then add a floral maxi dress and you have the perfect item of clothing for your spring and summer!

The floral maxi dress is a classic frock for the warmer months in Australia. Not only does it make for an effortless outfit, but it looks amazing on all figures and for so many occasions!

A floral maxi dress is ideal for that hen’s picnic, engagement party or baby shower gathering. It needs few, if any accessories, but add some hoop earrings, boho scarf and a broad brimmed hat and you’ll look ultra chic this summer.

Heading to the beach? One of our sleeveless or short sleeve maxi dresses is the perfect item to pull over your bathers. And when you’re not swimming, you can get creative with your maxi floral dress by tying the skirt up at the side for an exotic look.

As the temperatures cool down in the evenings, a long sleeve floral maxi dress works well by keeping your arms and legs that little bit warmer. Sit back on the beanbag at the outdoor cinema and tuck your dress over your legs as you down that popcorn and choc top!

Femme Connection’s range of floral maxi dresses can be delivered anywhere in Australia, so there’s no need to miss out if you’re not living in the city.

Our dresses come in sizes 8-18, so everyone can enjoy the feel of a lovely long sleeve floral maxi dress in Australia.

Did we mention that maxi floral dresses also work perfectly as maternity dresses? Their soft fabrics mean they have plenty of space for mums-to-be, and the waist on most maxi dresses tapers in under the bra-line, leaving all the room you need for your growing bub!

Not sure which maxi floral dress to choose? Our online quiz can help you narrow down the choices. It takes mere seconds to find a personalised style for you!

With new styles dropping each week and free Australia-wide shipping on orders over $60, you can buy floral maxi dresses in Australia you’ll be sure to love!

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