How To: Stylish, Fun Work Wear

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How To: Stylish, Fun Work Wear

Thinking of a stylish outfit everyday can be impossible when you have a busy and full life.

It is very easy to go for the same old trousers, plain shirt, and blazer, while leaving your favourite stylish pieces in your wardrobe until the weekend. However, here at Femme Connection, we believe that almost any piece can be worn to the office – if you know how! Some of our favourite pieces can be worn causally or as workwear, which means you’re getting more bang for your buck! Keep reading to discover some of our favourite pieces and find out how best to wear them to work.


Work dresses are usually plain and conservative (read: boring), but there are plenty of great alternatives out there! A patterned shirt style dress is very work appropriate and allows you to express some style and flare. Our Snake Shirt Dress is a perfect example of this and features a snakeskin pattern which is so classy and refined.


The pencil skirt is an office staple, but aren’t we a bit sick of it by now? One great way to spice up your workwear is to invest in a plain skirt - with a twist. Our Midi Skirt is just that, with a super flattering ‘flute’ style, that will accentuate all the best bits! It features a slim waist cut, which gently flares as it nears the knees.This piece is office perfection because it is a simple black, which means you can pair it with basically anything! Wear with a tank top and cardigan, and maybe even add some pearl jewellery for some extra bling.


Finally, while head to toe lace may not be office appropriate, you can easily incorporate your favourite lace pieces into your office looks. Our Crochet Blouse is the perfect piece for layering with your professional wear. The ruffled neck with the adjustable tie, delicate crochet lace fabric, and lining underneath create a stylish look that is feminine and fun. Under a blazer or cardigan, the lace will be countered beautifully, creating a balanced, fresh and empowering look.

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