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Modest clothing for different occasions: work, casual, formal, and more

For those who love modest clothing, the options these days are endless! Unlike the past, many fashion labels are now embracing modest clothing as part of their collections. Femme Connection is proud to be one of these labels and is on the way to becoming a market leader with increased popularity! We’ve seen the demand for clothing that provides extra coverage—yet remains stylish—and we’re here to please!

We’ve assembled some gorgeous outfits from our modesty clothing range in this article. But first, let’s look closer at what modest dressing is all about.

What Exactly Is Modest Dressing?

Modest dressing is all about wearing outfits typically designed to cover the body more fully. Modesty clothes tend to fit comfortably and are less form-fitting or revealing. The tops have longer sleeves and higher necklines, and skirts have lower hems. Neck and head scarves may come into the picture. There’s also a preference for layering, so you don’t have to cast aside every figure-hugging item in your wardrobe—you just need to layer something on top of it (think tunics over leggings).

Who is modest clothing for?

Who is modest clothing for?

Modesty clothes are for anyone! Sometimes fashion itself goes through waves when modest styles are popular. Some women like to dress modestly because they enjoy the comfort of more relaxed fits. Some women aren’t keen to show skin, and some like to cover up to protect their skin, and lastly, a vast majority choose to dress modestly for work.

Whatever the reason, modest dressing is not a fashion fad. Rather, it’s a way of dressing that allows you to have some fun with how you dress, purchasing garments that feel relaxed and ‘unexposed’.

Now let’s look at some of the best modest outfits for different occasions!

Modest Work Looks

Modest Work Looks

Modest dressing works so well in the workplace. Firstly, some workplaces already have dress codes that lean towards modest attire. Secondly, air-conditioned worksites can mean that a little more coverage will keep you warmer and more comfortable at your desk.

Just because you dress modestly doesn’t mean you must say goodbye to shape, though! If you want to add some contour, a cinched or braided waist belt worn over a maxi dress, for example, adds a little something. And when talking about modest dressing, you can still go nuts with colour! Opt for bold and bright colours and loud prints.

Try this eye-catching Leopard Print Blouse with ruffled tie neckline and long balloon sleeves. It would work well with this Tiered Linen Maxi Skirt.

Modest Evening Looks

Modest Evening Looks

Modest clothing needn’t be drab (you’re allowed to dazzle). If you’re headed to a special evening event, this modest Sequin Maxi Dress has long sheer sleeves and an ankle-length fishtail hem. Its sequin embellishments provide a touch of glamour. Style it with evening heels or suede-heeled boots and a clutch handbag.

This Blythe Micro Pleat Tiered Maxi Skirt is another winning option for a formal night out. Its maxi length gives you all the coverage you need, yet it has tiers that add interest. It has a wide waistband, so it is very comfortable. Wear it with a gorgeous blouse tucked in, like this Floral Balloon Sleeve Blouse, with elasticated sleeves that don’t ride up. You could also consider adding a lightweight jacket. Again, stylish heels or boots will complete the look.

Modest Casual Looks

Modest Casual Looks

There are plenty of options for modest casual looks, but a classic is the maxi dress. This Floral Boho Maxi Dress has long sleeves with elasticated cuffs, tiered hem, and lace detail on the chest. You can easily add a light neck scarf if you want extra coverage.

This Gracie Floral Maxi Skirt is an excellent option with its wide waistband and shirred elastic detail at the back. Add a long sleeve top, and wear it with ankle or knee-length boots!

You can’t go past these Tori Solid Long Leg Pants for a cool, casual, modest outfit. They have a comfy fit, drawstring at the waist, and ruched detail over the knees. They boast five pockets for added practicality, so they are the perfect pants for wearing to the shops or doing everyday chores. Wear a long-sleeved top or blouse, like this Belle Long Balloon Sleeve Floral Shirt, and comfy sneakers.

Speaking of comfort, let’s not forget pyjamas! This Sheep Plush Pyjama Set from our pyjama collection offers plenty of coverage for lounging around the house and for bedtime. The pockets make it practical, and the stretchy waist means you won’t feel constricted.

Modesty dressing across seasons…

When dressing modestly for the cold months, take advantage of all those opportunities to layer up. Go for leggings beneath skirts, polo necks and t-shirts under dresses, and add jackets, cardigans and scarves.

In spring and summer, staying cool while dressing modestly can be more challenging, as extra fabric means less airflow to the skin. To combat feeling hot and stuffy, choose lightweight fabrics like cotton, silk and viscose, and opt for loose cuts, which let a little air in whilst still covering the skin. And don’t forget those light summer scarves, shawls and wraps indispensable for sun protection.