Mastering Versatility: How to Style Blouses for Every Occasion

Blouses are comfortable, loose-fitting tops that exude femininity. Though rarely glorified in fashion mags, women’s blouses are still an essential wardrobe item that offer endless styling possibilities. No matter the occasion, whether you're headed to work, brunch, a casual engagement party, or formal dinner, a blouse can be your go-to item for creating a polished, yet relaxed look.

To demonstrate the versatility of blouses, let’s take one blouse and style it for a variety of occasions. You’ll see how you can start the day with one look, and finish with another entirely, all with the same blouse!

One Blouse, Many Looks

Let’s explore styling options for different occasions with a classic button-up blouse. Note, you could apply these styling tips to any type of blouse.

Polished and professional

Occasions: Workplace, Uni lectures, Professional meetings

We all think of a crisp shirt for the workplace, but a women’s blouse is also a great option. A blouse is a little softer and more feminine than a shirt, as it often has a looser fit around the waist, and often has billowy sleeves.

Here are some options for styling a blouse for work: 

  • Wear your blouse with suit pants and a jacket, or a skirt and jacket. Ideally, the suit and blouse will be in colours that complement each other. (Navy, black and grey are good neutral colour choices for work suits.) Tuck your blouse into the skirt or pants and finish the look off with closed-toe heels and subtle jewellery.

  • For another work look that’s more casual yet still polished, layer a blouse with a cardigan, or a trench coat. Ensure your blouse is tucked into your pants or skirt, and wear with low heels and a comfortable shoulder bag to fit your work essentials.

Casual yet smart

Occasions: Lunch with in-laws, brunch with friends, backyard bbqs, excursions to the gallery

If you’re aiming for a relaxed-yet-neat look for a weekend outing, here are some styling options:

  • A loose-fitting blouse tucked into a pair of high-waisted blue jeans offers a chic, casual look. Layer with an unbuttoned tweed jacket and ballet flats for a classy and feminine finish. Top it off with small pearl earrings, a delicate necklace and a structured handbag.

  • For an urban vibe, style your blouse with a denim, corduroy, or faux suede skirt. Loosely tuck your blouse into the skirt, or try the french tuck for something a little different. Wear with some nice sneakers, ankle boots or combat boots, and a comfortable tote or cross-body shoulder bag. Add a minimalistic necklace for an extra touch of elegance.

  • Achieve a cute and studious look with a blouse beneath a pinafore dress. Style with stockings, ballet flats, and satchel. Add a pop of bright lipstick to offset the studious vibe.

  • For a polished-yet-streetwise look, try wearing your blouse untucked with denim jeans or faux leather pants. Layer with a knitted sweater, vest or cardigan, with your blouse collar visible out over the top. You can either button the blouse collar up, or leave it undone. Wear with a comfortable bag like a bindle or saddle bag, and sneakers or ankle boots.

Formal and nights out

Occasions: Formal parties, fancy dinners

A blouse is an easy option for a formal occasion. If you combine it with tailored pants or a skirt and the right outerwear and accessories, you can easily achieve a formal look for a range of events. Here are some styling options. 

  • A twin set of blouse and skirt will add a touch of class when you need a formal outfit. A twin set gives the appearance of a dress, yet allows you to mix and match fabric density and texture. For example, you could wear a navy button-up blouse with sheer sleeves with a navy-coloured, flowy tulle midi skirt. To tie it all together, add a statement belt. Layer with additional touches like a tailored jacket, heels and a handbag in a colour that complements the blouse and skirt combo.

  • Style a button-up blouse with a chic midi skirt in a playful print or bold colour. Tuck the blouse partially into the skirt to create a stylish asymmetrical silhouette. Accessorise with statement earrings and a clutch bag for a touch of sophistication and complete the ensemble with strappy heels or block sandals for an effortless, yet elegant look.

  • Pair your button-up blouse with a tailored pencil skirt or sleek trousers in an opulent fabric like satin or velvet. Fully tuck in the blouse and add a wide waist belt to define your silhouette. Then step into some heels and add a structured clutch purse. Apply some gorgeous bold lipstick and delicate jewellery for a sophisticated finish.

  • For a night out in the town, style the button-up blouse in a daring yet chic manner. Pair it with faux leather leggings or fitted trousers for a sleek and edgy look. Leave the blouse partially unbuttoned to reveal your statement necklace for added allure. Amp up the glam factor with strappy heels, a metallic clutch, and dramatic smokey eye makeup.

The Ultimate Versatile Blouse

As we said at the start, the above styling tips could apply to most types of blouses. To make your life easier when styling with other items in your wardrobe, look out for blouses in neutral tones colours like navy, black or white, as these will easily match with other items.

To wrap this all up, let’s just hail the wonders of the blouse, which is a wardrobe staple that can look right for so many different occasions. If you want that perfect top that fits into casual scenarios as well as at work and formal events, the blouse is your solution.

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