Jumpers Styles to Invite Into Your Wardrobe

Whilst we might be in the thick of summer now, cooler seasons approach, so now is a good time to tune your antenna into jumpers! Whether you want to call it a sweater, jumper or pullover, these are essential staples for any woman’s wardrobe. 

One could argue you only need a select one or two jumpers, and others would say you can never have enough. We won’t tell you how many to own. Instead, we’ll look at some of the classic jumper styles you might consider as part of your overall jumper collection.

Classic Jumpers for Australian Women

As the chill in the air becomes more pronounced, Australian women are turning their attention to stylish and comfortable jumper styles to stay cosy while making a fashion statement. From oversized slouchy sweaters to classic crew necks, the diverse array of options allow for versatility in both style and comfort. Let’s look at a few of the most common and popular jumper styles out there, and how you can easily style each.

Crew Neck:

Offering a simple and timeless look, the crew neck is a favoured jumper style amongst Australian women, due to its ease of wear and the fact that the collar doesn’t sit too high on the neck, which makes it a perfect staple for our temperate climate.

In terms of styling, a crew neck jumper can easily be dressed up or down, particularly if you choose one in a neutral colour. Pair it with jeans for a casual look, or for a polished ensemble, wear it under a blazer. For a fashionable look, consider wearing a colourful crew with a neutral coloured blazer, or vice versa. If it’s cold, a scarf will work really well with a crew neck jumper.


The oversized or slouchy jumper feels super cosy and provides the perfect option for wearing around the house or for casual outings.

Styling-wise, your slouchy or oversized jumper doesn’t need much. Wearing it over leggings, tailored pants or skinny jeans is a common look, as the slim bottoms provide contrast to the volume of the jumper. The right slouchy jumper can also look great with a silky maxi skirt, or with wide legged pants. Just remember that if you go with a bulky or loose bottoms option, you might consider wearing a belt over the jumper to draw it in at the waist, and create a little shape. Alternatively, you can do the front tuck by tucking a small section of your jumper into your pants or skirt, but letting the rest hang loose.

Don’t forget off-the-shoulder slouchy jumpers. They look great over tank tops, and with either leggings or skirts, along with boots.


V-neck jumpers are a crowd favourite known for their ability to accentuate the neck and make it appear a little longer. They also provide an opportunity to show off your delicate jewellery.

A V-neck jumper paired with a crisp shirt is a quintessential look for work, but also works for casual outings. You can also wear a V-neck jumper with a tank top or no top beneath. 

V-neck jumpers will look good with most pant styles, and with skirts of varying lengths, but in particular, they look chic paired with an A-line skirt.


A turtleneck jumper is a great option for those who like to keep their neck warm, and aren’t sensitive to fabric around the neck. Turtlenecks look stylish pretty much anywhere, and work well with most jackets, whether it be a denim, leather, puffer or overcoat. Just be mindful of the collar – some turtleneck jumpers hug the neck closely, while others have tall and wide collars that are more loose. Go with what feels most comfortable as you don’t want to feel constricted.

In regards to styling, turtlenecks lend themselves to creating a preppy look, especially when paired with tailored pants and canvas sand shoes or leather loafers. A turtleneck also looks great with jeans and ankle boots, or with quality track pants.


Longline jumpers extend beyond the hips, so offer an extra layer of warmth to the lower back and upper legs in winter. In terms of style, these jumpers are great for creating a layered look, and the more stretchy knits offer a shapely silhouette.

For a comfortable, laid-back vibe, wear a longline jumper with a pair of soft leggings and sneakers. For work, wear over fitted pants and low heels, or with a figure-hugging pencil skirt. (Remember to avoid overly-bulky or fluffy styles for work.)

A sibling to the longline jumper is the longline cardigan, which is the same thing, but  open at the front. The cardigan version is a great extra layer you can easily throw over your shoulders during cool temperatures, and can look a little less bulky than the longline jumper.


A crop jumper has a hem that sits approximately below the bust to mid waist. These styles offer a youthful look, and are a good option for those who like to show a little midriff. Some crop jumpers have a wide, loose hem, whilst ribbed knit versions may taper in at the waist.

Crop jumpers look great with high-waisted skirts or pants. If they have a loose hem, these jumpers can look boxy, so consider ways to balance out the overall look. You might want to choose pants with a slightly flared bottom to match the volume at the upper half of your outfit, or wear heeled boots or other platform footwear to create the appearance of added height. 

Cable knit:

Cable knit jumpers are a classic choice with wholesome, earthy vibes. Aside from their texture creating visual interest, they tend to be thick, so are a solid option when it comes to keeping you warm in winter.

Cable knits work well with a pair of jeans, but also with skirts and tailored pants. Consider matching your pant colour with a hue in the cable pattern. For instance if there’s a blue fleck of wool in the knit, consider wearing a blue skirt or pants to tie it all in. Alternatively, a neutral coloured cable knit is a safe choice and always in vogue.

In terms of where you buy your cable knit, there are various options. Look out for second-hand cable knits in vintage stores. Alternatively, peruse the many traditional online knit stores across the world. There’s a plethora of knits from Scandinavia as well as the British Isles. Pretty much anywhere cold will likely have their own version of a cable knitted jumper made from local wool. 

Cable knits can be pricey, but having one of these timeless pieces in your wardrobe is well worth the investment, as it’ll likely last you for years.


Merino wool jumpers are celebrated for their luxurious feel and exceptional warmth. Their natural breathability also helps to ensure that wearers stay warm without feeling overheated.

Merino jumpers don’t necessarily need to be worn as an outer layer. Fine merino knitted jumpers can be worn as a base layer too. If you have particularly sensitive skin and find merino a little prickly, look for merino/cotton blends, which can feel a little softer.


A cashmere jumper is a prized item, due to its softness, breathability and quality goat’s wool that should last. Because of the superior quality of cashmere, and the expensive price tag, you would typically wear this with other high-quality fashion items. Consider pairing your cashmere jumper with faux leather trousers, upscale denim pants or a midi skirt. Add your favourite bag and winter boots and you have a classy cashmere look.

Choosing a jumper

What kind of jumper you choose to wear depends on a number of factors. You have your ‘feature’ jumper, which might be something like a horizontal striped jumper in bold colours, a thick and hearty cable knit jumper, or a metallic weave crop jumper. Additionally, there are ‘understated’ jumpers – which are there to serve the purpose of keeping you warm without drawing attention away from your outfit as a whole (a crew neck or turtleneck jumper in neutral colours would fall into this category). Then, there’s your ‘ultra-comfort’ jumper, like your oversized jumper, off-shoulder slouch jumper, or your longline jumper. There’s a place for all these great jumpers in your wardrobe, as long as you have the space!

When deciding on which jumper to pick, think of where you plan to wear it, how thick and warm you want it to be, and how you feel about the fabric’s texture. Avoid anything that feels itchy against your skin or feels constricting. The main purpose of a jumper is to keep you warm and comfortable, so make sure it’s enjoyable to wear. Also, to state the obvious, you must love how your jumper looks on you!

Here are some additional tips for choosing and styling jumpers:

  • When pairing your jumper with outer layers like an overcoat or puffer, consider the thickness of the knit in combination with the coat. You don’t want to overheat or feel overly bulky, so go with lighter knits when wearing a heavy coat.
  • When choosing an oversized jumper, remember you don’t have to be swimming in it. These styles are usually intentionally oversized, meaning that despite containing a generous amount of knitted fabric, they fit right in the appropriate areas, like around the shoulders. So, choose your size, rather than sizing up.
  • Consider your jumper’s collar style when pairing with base or outer layers. A pussy-bow blouse won’t work with a V-neck jumper, for example, and a collared shirt will feel uncomfortable worn beneath a turtleneck. Try to match collars if possible. For instance, wear a shirt beneath a V-neck jumper or crew neck t-shirt underneath a crew neck jumper.
  • When choosing a jumper, the feel of the knit plays an important role, especially if you’re sensitive to fabrics. For something like a turtleneck that sits against the skin, consider soft and stretchy synthetic knits, or something like cashmere.
  • When choosing a jumper, opt for colours that complement your hair and skin tone, even if it’s just small flecks of wool in the knit that match your hues. If pastel colours wash you out, avoid them. If you’re not sure, there’ll be at least one neutral colour that will work with your skin tone.

To conclude…

We’ve only just touched upon the many jumper styles that are out there on the market. This is good news, as it means there’s a diverse range of jumper styles available for Australian women to enjoy. From the relaxed appeal of oversized jumpers to the timeless charm of a cable knit, there's a jumper style to suit every taste and occasion. So, embrace the winter chill with confidence, knowing your wardrobe is filled with versatile and fashionable jumpers to keep you warm and stylish.

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