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Let Me Try Before You Buy

Check out gorgeous Femme Connection styles worn by LetMeTryBeforeYouBuy's gorgeous Natalie Angel on FB Live! These trendy clothes for women are sure to be loved by you, as well as Natalie!

Haven’t heard of Natalie Angel? Natalie is a famours style influencer who does fun try on videos of her sharing her unfiltered thoughts on some of the popular fashion brands and their products. You get to hear a real appraisal of how garments look, fit, and how the fabric feels. Thousands have flocked to her content, and Natalie has become one of the biggest fashion influencers in Australia!

We’re proud to have some of our outfits featured in Natalie’s LetMeTryBeforeYouBuy videos, and we think we know why she’s come to these dresses. Firstly, these dresses are available in a wide range of sizes, so most women out there can find a dress to fit and flatter them.

Also, a lot of these dresses have gorgeous prints. Printed fabrics really capture the eye, and draw attention to the pattern. So if you happen to have a sweat patch on a hot day, the print will hide it well! In addition, our dresses in the LetMeTryBeforeYouBuy's videos are made from viscose, which is a super soft and comfortable fabric to wear. It’s also highly breathable, doesn’t trap heat, and wicks away sweat, so these dresses are ideal options for spring and summer.

Finally, these dresses are loose around the sleeves and the waist, so you’re not dealing with feeling constricted. Overall, you have some very striking, yet relaxed, dresses that look ultra feminine and feel comfortable.

Check out all the outfits and get inspired! Better yet, if you are near one of our stores, head in and try some outfits on yourself!

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Let Me Try Before You Buy