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Jumpers - Knitwear and Length

In the realm of jumpers, the choice of length is not merely a matter of style but also one of practicality and personal preference. From youthful crop jumpers to cosy longline jumpers, each length offers distinct advantages and there are different considerations that will play a part in your purchase decision. 

Read on to find the kind of jumper lengths that will best align with your fashion sensibility and lifestyle needs. We’ll run through the main length types you’ll encounter when shopping for jumpers, and what fabrics you should consider according to your preferences.

What jumper length to choose

There are a range of different body lengths for jumpers for women. For the most part, you’ll encounter crop, standard and longline jumpers. Crop jumpers have a hem that finishes anywhere from just beneath the bust to mid waist. Standard length jumpers extend anywhere from the top part of the hips to crotch level. And longline jumpers have a hem that extends to around mid-thigh or knee length, although some are even longer.

Each length has its advantages. The crop length jumper is good if you want to show off your waistline, and/or the top part of your high-waisted pants or skirts. Crop jumpers can be tricky to style, as you need to consider what underlayers you’re wearing (you’ll see them), and whether or not the body length of the under garment will clash with the length of the jumper. Also, in some cases a crop jumper can look boxy, which works for some body shapes better than others. If you want to avoid boxy, look for crop jumpers that taper in at the waist, and think about looking for a feminine shoulder or sleeve, like a slight puff at the shoulder and a balloon or dolman sleeve.

Your standard length jumper is easy to style with most outfits, and because the hem finishes just over where your pants or skirt start, you aren’t exposing your midriff, allowing you to stay warm. If you find that a standard-length jumper balloons out too much at the waist, consider tucking a small portion of the hem into the front of your pants or skirt, as this can create a little more shape (this might not work for a thick knit). A standard length jumper will look great with both midi and maxi skirts.

A longline jumper is a great option if you want to feel comfortable and keep your lower body warm. They work well with leggings for casual outings, or with slim-fit pants for work. And let’s include the longline cardigan in this category, which is a great extra layer for indoors wear too. Extra points if it has cosy pockets to slip your hands into!

The length of jumper you opt for depends on your style preference. Crop jumpers give off flirty and youthful vibes, whilst there’s something very sophisticated about standard and longline jumpers. There’s no reason why you can’t have jumpers of different lengths of course, as this way you can choose the jumper that matches your mood on the day!

Knitwear considerations

There’s a plethora of jumper knits to choose from these days, made from a range of materials, including animal-derived fibres like wool, plant-derived fibres like cotton and bamboo, and petroleum-based threads like polyester and elastane. In many cases, you’ll find a mix of fibres in one jumper, and this can have tangible benefits, such as adding stretch to a wool jumper by including elastane.

In terms of deciding which knit to choose, you need to think about where you plan to wear your jumper, if you will be layering it with other clothing items, how breathable you need it to be, and whether or not you’re sensitive to certain fabrics.

The following considerations will help you find the right jumper for you, depending on your needs and preferences.

You want some stretch

If you like a jumper that’s a little bit stretchy (hello comfortable!), then opt for knits that include a blend of fabrics, like merino/elastane or cotton/elastane blends. The synthetic fibre of the elastane has a little more give than the natural fibres, so the jumper should stretch across your body and hold its shape well. Added stretch can look great with longline jumpers especially.

Rib knits are also worth considering, as the knit is designed for stretch. Rib knits can stretch over voluminous areas of the body, like the bust and hips, yet retain the garment’s shape in narrower areas. This can make for a really enhanced silhouette. So, no matter the length, you’ll often find ribbing in the knit that helps create shape where it counts.

You want natural fibres only

For a range of reasons, including concerns for the environment and fabric feel, you might prefer natural fibre jumpers. Natural fibres could be animal-derived, like merino wool, mohair, cashmere and silk, or plant-derived, like hemp, cotton, bamboo and linen. There are also man-made cellulosic fibres (made from plant cells), like viscose, rayon, lyocell and modal. (Basically, we’re talking about any fibre that’s not petroleum based.) 

In terms of impact on the environment, there are pros and cons to each fibre, so be sure to do your research on that. In terms of wearability and longevity, natural fibre jumpers can be really comfortable, don’t pill as easily as some synthetic jumpers, and if cared for correctly, can last a long time. Some of the man-made plant-derived fibres can also be really soft and stretchy! And you know that as they degrade, you won’t be adding microplastics into the environment.

You want ultimate warmth

If you want a tried-and-true solution to the cold that’s also breathable, then wool of any variety will do the job. Cashmere is the ultimate option when it comes to warmth however, with it being claimed to be eight times warmer than merino wool. But warmth also depends on the thickness of the knit of course.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s not only wool jumpers that keep the cold out. Acrylic jumpers emulate wool and can also be very warm. They won’t be as breathable, however, as their fibres don’t absorb moisture, they lack the natural wicking that wool offers. This is usually fine if you are wearing them with an underlayer and aren’t doing any sweat-inducing activities.

You want to do minimal care

If you want jumpers you can easily throw in the wash and not think too much about, opt for synthetics. They tend not to shrink or lose their colour in the wash, and don’t require handwashing like pure wool or cashmere jumpers do. They’re also less prone to being eaten by moths, so no need for mothballs.

You want super softness

Some people are very sensitive to fibre feel, and need their jumpers to be ultra soft. The best natural choice when it comes to warm knitwear is cashmere, as it’s made from fine hair shorn from the underside of a goat. Merino can also be soft, but for some people, might feel a little prickly. 

Some synthetic knits can feel super soft. Your best bet is to try on different types of fibres to find out which feels all right against your skin.

To conclude…

In summary, when choosing the length of your jumper, think about your outfit as a whole, what length of jumper will serve your purposes most of the time, and most importantly, what style you feel is most comfortable and flattering. 

In terms of material, wool will be very warm and should last a long time, provided you care for it properly (cold hand wash, dry flat in shade and keep the moths away). For ease of care, opt for synthetics, as they are less prone to shrinking in the wash.

For softness, cashmere is your friend, but it’s pricey, so you might want to consider some of the soft synthetic jumper options instead. For breathability, natural fibres win hands down, however in winter, synthetics are usually all right when worn with underlayers.

Femme Connection has colourful jumpers for women in a wide range of sizes which are great as part of your work attire, or for casual events. Don’t forget to explore our women’s tops collection for a range of underlayers to wear with your jumper. Also, check out our pants and skirts for great options to pair with your jumpers.

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