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Join Femme Connection's Brand Ambassador and Influencer Program in a few simple steps. Get ready to transform your passion for fashion into a rewarding collaboration with our brand.


To get started, please submit an application through our online form here This is your chance to shine – highlight your unique personality, share your experiences with Femme, and tell us why you're the perfect fit for this partnership. Remember, authenticity is key; let your individuality and connection our the brand guide your application.

Review & Approval

Once you submit your application, our dedicated Femme Marketing team steps in. We thoroughly review each application to understand your alignment with our brand values and audience. If your application stands out, we'll invite you for a short interview to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. This is an exciting step towards becoming a part of our vibrant fashion community.

Access to Partner Dashboard

Upon successful approval, you'll gain access to our exclusive partner portal. This marks the beginning of your onboarding process, where you'll find a detailed content brief and a contract outlining our collaboration terms. The portal serves as your go-to resource for all program-related information, ensuring a seamless and informed partnership experience.


Our team will work closely with you to kickstart your journey. From accessing the latest collections to engaging in creative content creation and marketing campaigns, you're now ready to earn, influence, and grow with Femme. Welcome aboard – let's get you moving!

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