Brand Ambassador Success Stories

Get inspiration from our longtime Femme Connection Brand Ambassadors. See how how they embody and enhance our Femme’s unique style and values

Melina Bagnato

  • Australian Fashion Stylist, CEO and Business Coach at Style Me Over - https://www.instagram.com/stylemeover/​
  • Femme Connection has had several successful collaborations with Melina resulting in increased brand reach, converting new customers through unfiltered reviews and creating a sense of community for our Femme customers

Natalie Angel

  • The first fashion influencer in Australia to create unfiltered and unedited video content.
  • We had a very successful collaboration with Natalie that enriched our brand and introducing her incredible community of followers who share the same passion for fashion.


You could be the next best partnership with our Femme community, this include the following benefits:

  • Pick the pieces they want to feature depending on your audience.
  • Personalised discount codes for your community
  • Keep up to 6 products from your featured range
  • Collaboration opportunities: Such as co-creating content, participating in product development, or being featured in marketing campaigns, further enhancing your portfolio and influence in the fashion industry.

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