Partnership FAQs

These FAQs provide insights into partnering with Femme Connection. We encourage creative and innovative proposals from brands and creators worldwide, aiming to build collaborations that resonate with our audience and uphold our brand values

How do I propose a partnership with Femme Connection?

To propose a partnership, please submit a detailed proposal through our online portal. Your proposal should include the project concept, objectives, target audience, and how it aligns with Femme Connection's brand values. We appreciate originality and clear visions in proposals.

What is the selection process for partnerships?

Femme Connection reviews each proposal carefully, considering factors like brand alignment, creativity, potential impact, and audience engagement. We seek partnerships that offer mutual benefits and align with our commitment to quality, innovation, and inclusivity.

Can I collaborate with Femme Connection from any location?

Yes, we welcome partnership proposals from all over the world. We believe in the power of diverse collaborations and are open to working with international brands and creators that share our vision and values.

How are profits and royalties shared in a partnership?

Profit and royalty sharing arrangements are determined on a case-by-case basis and are outlined in the partnership agreement. These terms are mutually agreed upon during the planning phase and depend on the nature and scope of the collaboration.

Are their specific industries or sectors Femme Connection prefers for partnerships?

While we are open to a variety of industries, we particularly value collaborations that align with fashion, lifestyle, sustainability, and women empowerment sectors. We look for partnerships that can creatively and effectively complement our brand ethos.

What kind of support does Femme Connection provide to its partners?

Femme Connection offers a range of support to our partners, including marketing and promotional assistance, access to our professional network, and potential logistical support. Our goal is to ensure a mutually beneficial and successful partnership.

How long do typical partnerships last, and is there scope for long-term collaboration?

The duration of a partnership varies depending on the project scope. We are open to both short-term projects and long-term collaborations. We assess the potential for ongoing partnerships based on the initial project's success and alignment with our long-term brand strategy.

Can non-profit organisations propose partnerships, and what are the criteria?

Yes, we welcome proposals from non-profit organisations. We look for non-profits whose missions align with our values, especially those focused on female empowerment, sustainability, and community development. We evaluate these partnerships based on potential impact and alignment with our corporate social responsibility goals.

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