Partnership Guidelines

At Femme Connection, we believe in fostering collaborative partnerships that are rooted in creativity, quality, and shared values. Our guidelines are designed to ensure successful and mutually beneficial relationships.

Originality & Innovation

In our partnerships, we emphasise a combination of creativity and practicality. It's essential that collaborations introduce something unique and exciting, be it in design, technology, or strategy. This approach ensures that the final output is not only visionary but also practical and relevant to our audience.

Quality Standards

High-quality standards are non-negotiable in all our collaborations. This encompasses the quality of materials, craftsmanship, and the marketing content we produce. Meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence are expected, reflecting the prestige of both brands involved.

Ethical & Inclusive Values

Our collaborations must align with Femme’s ethos and practices. We also give high priority to inclusivity, ensuring our offerings and marketing are respectful and welcoming to a diverse audience, representing various cultures and backgrounds.

Deadlines & Communication

Effective partnerships rely on timeliness and clear communication. Adherence to deadlines is vital for project efficiency and meeting goals. Open and regular communication is key for addressing challenges, fostering an environment conducive to problem-solving and collaborative growth.

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