How it Works

Our approach ensures that every collaboration is tailored to align with both our partner’s vision and our brand ethos.


Submit your proposal wo us with your offer for collaboration, detailing your brand's vision, goals, and the type of partnership you envision. Outline the unique aspects of your brand or organisation that make this a mutually beneficial collaboration. Provide initial ideas on collection concepts, co-branding possibilities, or event collaborations, setting a foundation for further discussion.


Our team will review your proposal to ensure it aligns with Femme Connection's brand values and market positioning. We’ll then initiate a discussion to explore the proposal in depth, focusing on creative alignment and potential market impact. This stage may involve multiple interactions to refine the concept and ensure both parties are aligned on the vision and objectives before a contract is drawn up.


Once we reach a mutual agreement, we’ll formalise the collaboration through a detailed plan and contract. This plan will cover all aspects of the collaboration, including design, production, marketing strategy, timelines, and responsibilities of each party. A clear roadmap will be established, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and understand the milestones and deliverables.


The collaboration then moves into the execution phase, where plans are transformed into action. This stage encompasses the creation of products or services, finalising marketing strategies, and setting up logistics and distribution channels. Promotion through various channels, including social media, in-store displays, events, and paid PR campaigns, will bring the collaboration to life, maximising engagement, reach and impact.

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