Partnership Opportunities

Check out our exclusive partnership opportunities with Femme Connection. Collaborate to innovate, co-create, and lead in the Australian fashion industry

Limited-Edition Collections
  • For brands looking to collaborate with renowned designers or emerging talents to create unique, limited edition fashion lines that fuse distinct styles and perspectives.
  • For designers introduce season-specific collections, like a summer line or festive collection, and most recently our Indian garment line Monsoon Moon
  • For businesses seeking to leverage each other's strengths in design and marketing to tap into new customer segments.
  • For brands wanting to organise joint social media campaigns and launch events to maximise exposure and reach.
Co-Branded Product Lines
  • For fashion designers, stylists and influencers looking to develop a co-branded line of products that blend our fashion-forward approach with your brand's unique identity.
  • For businesses looking to create special edition packaging and branding that highlights our partnership.
  • For brands that can integrate sustainable practices in production, showcasing a commitment to eco-friendly fashion.
  • Together we can utilise cross-promotion strategies, leveraging both brands' social media and marketing channels.
Guest Designer Projects
  • For guest designers to create exclusive capsule collections, offering fresh perspectives and innovative designs under the Femme Connection brand.
  • For design competitions, hosting up-and-coming talents for a chance to collaborate on a special event or collection.
  • For organisations offering exchange workshops, where guest designers and Femme Connection's team share insights and techniques.
  • Capturing a guest designer's journey and process through behind-the-scenes content, engaging our audience with the story behind the collection.
Fashion & Leadership Events
  • Co-hosting fashion events, workshops, or webinars, positioning our brands as thought leaders in the fashion industry and female empowerment community.
  • Participating in engaging in panel discussions and talks on current fashion trends, design, or business strategies.
  • Collaborate on fashion shows or pop-up events, showcasing our contribution to Australian fashion
  • Partnerships with community lead programs or educational initiatives to foster talent and leadership in the fashion sector.
Charity & Cause Collaborations
  • Non-for-profit garment collaboration or collections line where a portion of the proceeds supports your charity or organisation
  • For Charities hosting fundraising events or fashion shows dedicated to raising awareness and funds for your cause.
  • For Brands looking to develop 'awareness' for a cause with merchandise, like t-shirts or accessories, to encourage donations.
  • Teams wanting to engage in storytelling through fashion and female empowerment, discussing topics that narrate your cause's mission and impact.
  • Organisations offering volunteering opportunities to individuals or teams, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

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